To clear the stage you need to complete the mission within given moves and there are the following types of missions in Monster Busters: Link Flash:

1. Score N points

You can earn points by connecting monsters. The more monsters you connect, the more points you get: the first connected monster will give you 10 points, the second one 20, the third - 30, and so on. You'll earn more points if you make and match specials. Keep connecting monsters until you reach specified score within given moves to complete the mission!

2. Remove selected color of monsters

This mission is to eliminate a specified number of monsters of selected color in given moves. So if number 4 is next to a yellow monster, so called, Lightning-Mon, it means you need to connect and remove a total of 4 yellow monsters within given moves to complete the mission.

3. Collect the monsters into the pot

This mission is to remove the pot by collecting monsters into it. To remove the pot, you need to collect the number of monsters written on it and the monsters should be of the same color with that pot. Connect 3 or more same-colored monsters through the pot to put them into it and the number on the pot will get smaller on the amount of monsters you put into it. Once the number written on the pot becomes 0, the pot is being removed. The number 5 below the grey pot in the mission means that you need to eliminate a total of 5 pots to complete the mission.

4. Pull out the teeth to remove the cages and rescue Gingerbreads. 

This mission is to remove the specified number of cages to rescue Gingerbread friends locked in them. To get rid of the cage, you need to pull out all the colored teeth you see inside the cage. Connect 3 or more monsters of the same color with the tooth or you can also attack the cage with specials, however, only the special combinations of the same color with the tooth will remove it. Once you remove all teeth inside the cage, the cage will be eliminated. Number 2 below the Cage in the mission box means that you need to remove 2 cages to clear the mission.

5. Break the ice prisons and rescue Gingerbreads. 

Gingerbreads are captured in the ice prisons, and you need to break the ice to free them. Connect monsters in the ice prisons to break the ice and Gingerbreads will be saved. Rescue all imprisoned Gingerbreads to complete the mission.

6. Guide Gingerbreads to the key case

This mission is to rescue all chain-locked Gingerbreads by guiding them to the key case to open the lock. The key case can be connected with any color of locked Gingerbread. Connect Gingerbreads with the key case directly when they are next to each other, or you can connect them through the monsters of the same color with the lock. You can also connect Gingerbreads with same-colored monsters without including a Key Case into the connection, then the Gingerbread will be moved to the place of the last monster. If number 3 is next to the locked Gingerbread in the mission box, it means that you need to unlock and save 3 Gingerbreads to complete the mission.

7. Break Blockers: Wooden Boards, Shields, etc. 

This mission is to break selected number of Blockers within given moves. Connect monsters next to the Blockers (in case of the chains, you need to include the monster in chains into the connection). There are various types of blockers: Wooden Boards, Shields, Chains, etc. So if number 9 is next to the Wooden Boards, it means that you need to break a total of 9 Wooden Boards to complete the mission.

8. Release Gingerbreads captured by monsters

This mission is to free Gingerbreads captured by monsters. The monster holds Gingerbread by its side and you can link this monster with two or more other same-color monsters to free Gingerbreads. Save all selected number of Gingerbreads to complete the mission.

9. Defeat the Boss

The Boss is the boss of monsters and doesn't get defeated with just one attack. Connect at least 3 monsters to the same color edge of the Boss's home to attack him, then the connected monsters will give a damage to the Boss and he will slowly lose his life with every attack you make. Please, note that if you attack the Boss with special bombs, only the bombs of the same color with the edge will hurt him. The edges will change their color randomly after every attack. Sometimes there might be edges without any color which cannot be used to connect monsters through them. Defeat the Boss within given moves to complete the mission.

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