Unique link and match puzzle game

Monster Busters: Link Flash was released in February 2016, introducing a brand new way of puzzle game play. Link adjacent tiles as if drawing a line to make a match.  In a beautiful Asian-themed world of Monsters, users are to join another brilliant puzzle adventure.  Line-drawing gameplay enables completely refreshed mission types and blockers that have never existed in traditional match puzzle games.  Users enjoy more intuitive touch-screen experience on the mobile devices with new play rules. Available on Facebook (PC), iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows, Link Flash was played by 1 million users in its first month of release.


Game Features


Match Easily As Drawing Lines

Matching has never been so easy and fun! Just keep connecting same-colored monsters by drawing lines over them! Need to go diagonal? No problem! Need to change colors, use a Bridge-mon and keep going!

New Challenges Every Day

New stages are being introduced in Daily Time Attack Challenge every day! Complete missions for special rewards and you can also get a Badge and a Mystery Box with super bonuses if you participate all the week!

Link - Toggle - Create

Amazing option of choosing what kind of bomb is most beneficial makes clearing stages so fun! Change the direction of the ring by going back and forth! Connect as a line or make a loop - totally different bombs will be made!





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