DARK TOWER is open!

0824_darkTower (2).png

Welcome to the DARK TOWER, super challenging experience is awaiting for you here!

Available for all those who reached floor 50 of Ice Tower, Dark Tower brings on a perfect reflection of Ice Tower stages, but much much more challenging yet super fun!


Crystals are used to play stages, so to enter a stage you need to have at least one Crystal (same with lives in Ice Tower). The good news is that up to 3 Crystals can be earned per stage depending on your score (just like stars)! Let's get more Crystals, ready, set, go!

Upgraded Snow Bombs are stronger now and you can control them easily, just check and see!

ATTENTION: No startup or in-game items are available in dark stages!

More fun features are to be added to the Dark Tower soon! ;)

PLAY NOW: http://bit.ly/2p43Mcq

MOBILE: Dark Tower will be released on mobile in the second week of September! ^^

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