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We're happy to see you here, at our official MB: Ice Slide homepage!

Monster Busters: Ice Slide is a new line-drawing puzzle in hexagonal setting, so it basically means that you can link monsters in 6 directions and even draw lines over the monsters that were already connected previously! What a fun new twist on match-3!

Three adorable kids, Bruce, Boo and Namu, came all the way from the frozen village to save our dear Gingerbread friends from bad monsters headed by Big Bosses! Fight them all and release poor Gingers!

Explore the beautiful frozen scenery and wonderful world of the Ice Tower! Bruce, Boo and Namu will guide you though the tower to the very top of it! Let's go!

Click on any door in the tower to enter the stage and link 3 or even more monsters of the same color to clear missions! This game is EXPLOSIVELY FUN and absolutely stress-releasing! Try it NOW!

If you have any questions or feedback, please, feel free to submit your inquiries at Help Center or by email: support@purplekiwii.com !

We thank you for your interest in our new title and we hope you love it!!! :D


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