1. Regular monsters

Here are our six cute monsters, each of them has its own unique character! Connect 3 or more same-color monsters by moving your mouse up, down, left, right and diagonally to link and eliminate them from the board, get the points and complete the missions to save our Gingerbread friends!

2. Specials

Horizontal, Vertical, Cross, Round Bombs and Magic Hammer are called “specials”, and you need to connect 5 or more monsters to make a special. The type of special you get will depend on the number of connected monsters and the type of connection, which can be either line or circular.

2-1. Specials made by line connections

Line connections are being made when you connect monsters of the same color one by one like drawing a line. While connecting linearly, you can get the Ringed Bombs.


A) Ringed bombs

The bombs with the rings around them are "Ringed bombs" and there are the following ringed bombs in the game: Horizontal, Vertical, and Cross Bombs.


< How to make Ringed Bombs >

Connect 5 monsters of the same color in one line to get a Vertical or Horizontal Bomb.


< How to change the direction of the Ringed Bomb >

Try the following steps while connecting monsters to change the direction of the ring:

1 . Connect 5 same-colored monsters, the icon of the Horizontal bomb will appear next to the 5th monster.

2 . Go back to the 4th monster,

3 . Go forth to the 5th monster again to get a Vertical Bomb instead of a Horizontal one!


< How to use Ringed Bombs >

Connect a Ringed Bomb with two or more monsters of the same color to activate it, and it will clear the entire column in the direction of the ring.


B) Advanced Rule 5-8-11!

Cross Bomb has two rings: vertical and horizontal, connect this special with other same-colored monsters to clear one column and one row at the same time!

2-2. Specials made by circular connections

Hero Challenge is a special stage you can meet with after clearing specific stages with 3 stars. Look for the doors with crown symbols on (refer to image 1), clear those stages with 3 stars like shown in the image #2, then you'll be able to play Hero Challenge and you will see a golden crown symbol on the door (image 3) once you clear it. Earn hero crowns, extra game coins, and get higher score by completing Hero Challenges! You will also be able to unlock new cool Hero avatars after you collect a certain number of hero crowns!


A) Round Bomb

 < How to make Round Bomb >

Round Bomb is being created when you connect 5 monsters of the same color in a circular shape.


< How to use Round Bomb >

Round Bomb is a powerful special, connect it with 2 or more same-color monsters and it will burst first to eliminate 4 monsters, and it will burst again, to eliminate 12 surrounding monsters.


B) Magic Hammer

< How to make Magic Hammer >

Connect 6 same-color monsters in a circular shape to create a Magic Hammer.


< How to use Magic Hammer >

Match a Magic Hammer with any adjacent monster to activate it. Magic Hammer will remove all monsters of the same color with the matched monster from the board once activated. Magic Hammer has even the stronger impact when matched with other specials.


C) Advanced rule 5-8-11 works circular, too!

Make bigger circles including more monsters into the same connection!

1 . See how the line connections work: specials are being created every 3 monsters after you connect more than 5 monsters.
2 . Now let's connect the last monster to the first one to make a circle. The Ringed bombs at the place of the 5th and 8th monsters changed to Round Bombs and the Cross Bomb at the place of 11th monster has moved to the first monster and became a Magic Hammer.

< Tip >

Longer connections are not always more advantageous. What would you do in the situation like below if you only have only 2 moves left and 3 ice prisons to break?

And the right answer is....


1 . Try to connect 5 Poison-Mons first to make a Horizontal Bomb and leave 2 same-colored monsters for the next turn.
2 . Now connect the Special with 2 Poison-mons to activate the Bomb and break ALL 3 ice prisons.

Remember the rule 5-8-11 and connect smart! Sometimes it may be helpful to leave some monsters to use them with the specials you get!

sanghoon Jeong