Golden Cave

1. How to unlock Golden Cave


Clear all the basic levels of that same episode with 3 stars to unlock Golden Cave.

2. What do I get from Golden Cave


When you clear a Golden Cave level, you will get a hopestone. Clearing the same level again will not reward you with another hopestone. Collect and use them to get new costumes. Be fashionable!

3. Shortcut banner to Golden cave

Click the banner and it will take you straight away to Golden Cave you have unlocked.

4. How to get new costumes and to change them

Browse through a collection of fine costumes. Purchase ones you like with hopestones. Some costumes may become available only after you've defeated specific challenges. Keep an eye out for special events to unlock limited edition costumes, too!


Unlocked costumes will stay with you forever. Change between them as many times as you like.

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