Best in class Match-3 Puzzle Game

Monster Busters is a classic match-3 game that was launched in October 2013, now being available on all major mobile platforms, as well. Highly addictive and challenging, Monster Busters' fun and charming artwork and well thought-out stage design keep users highly engaged as they progress to the top of the monster tower. New elements are to be discovered in every new episode, making players intrigued to continue their adventure. MonsterBusters, the only match-3 game with over 3,000 levels, can be found at the top of the popularity charts in major platforms.


Game Features


Over 3,000 fun stages

The only match-3 game with over 3,000 stages! Amazing variety of challenges: regular stages, Hero Challenges, Big Boss levels, Secret Quest missions and Weekly Championship - no time to get bored! Clear them all!

Challenging yet Do-able

Super fun levels are set to be challenging to keep your mind working while being totally do-able! Arm yourself with some special bomb-making skills and a bit of strategical thinking to work it through!

New Elements in Every Episode

Every new episode brings some unique elements on the board: new types of monsters, blockers, helping elements, missions, etc! You never know what comes out next, so just prepare for this thrilling adventure!





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